In a world where traditional retail is increasingly going online, E-commerce solutions provide businesses with the opportunity to create online storefronts that are both cost-effective and wildly profitable.

In its second and third-tier packages, Blue Rooster Web includes E-commerce solutions automatically in addition to its customized website design and marketing services, making it incredibly easy to start a successful online business.

Blue Rooster Web’s E-commerce packages streamline the creation of your business’s s modern online storefront by simplifying the categorization and organization of product pages and writing SEO-driven product descriptions. This built-in SEO allows online stores to rank higher in organic search engines for increased online discovery. As a result, customer acquisition costs are lowered and additional traffic is created to convert sales at a higher rate. The packages do not include integration of payment gateways, but Blue Rooster Web can refer its clients to the best merchant processors to securely and efficiently put it in place.

E-commerce solutions don’t require hired personal since it employs automated checkout processes, and it cuts out expensive real estate costs entirely as no physical property is needed. E-commerce solutions overcome geographical barriers and quickly give your business access to new pools of customers nationally and internationally. Customers are then able to locate or discover your products more rapidly. With all of the additional savings that come with e-commerce solutions, business owners are able to more affordably offer discounts and sales to keep their store competitive. And, best of all, your online storefront never sleeps! Business will remain open 24/7 so sales are never lost.

Blue Rooster Web is the best, most affordable digital design and marketing service out there. We offer incredible added value to our customers every single month with the numerous marketing services you receive in addition to the comprehensive and completely customized website design package. With Blue Rooster Web, every business can become more profitable while saving more money.

Please check back to our News the next two weeks as we break down the services Blue Rooster Web offers in our packages.

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Blue Rooster Web is a product as a service of Sun Sign Designs Inc.

Once a business has decided to build a website, it has an important decision to make before even thinking of the design process: choosing a name.

In our digital age, domain names have become online property. It is the virtual storefront where owners conduct business and where potential customers will browse and shop.

Domain names provide identifiable addresses for Internet users to easily locate a business’s website rather than using a string of numbers, or the IP address. No two domain names are ever the same, so staking your business’s claim can be a daunting process and, inevitably, many questions arise:

“Do I have to buy the same domain name as my registered business name?”

“Which domain extension would be best for me?”

Though Fawn Organics originally sold high-quality THC-free CBD, Sun Sign Designs has helped Fawn Organics transition its online marketplace to offer a wide variety of eco-friendly and organic products. Although its products have changed, its mission is still firmly rooted in promoting major health benefits, both for humankind and the environment. Fawn Organics is proud to join the ranks in combating negative changes to the environment and promoting healthy and environmentally-mindful lifestyles.

Fawn Organics’ eco-conscious marketplace now offers a unique, premium collection of environmentally sustainable products carefully chosen with the health and welfare of the Earth and its inhabitants in mind. Fawn Organics believes shopping with a conscience should offer high-quality and affordable products that ultimately lower household costs, make homes a healthier place, and sustain the planet. Fawn Organics prizes the health and safety of its consumers and the environment above all else, and that’s why it only offers organic, vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, and fair trade products  made in the USA.

Fawn Organics’ eco-friendly store sells a variety of household cleaning, beauty, and bath products as well as fashionable reusable bags that support artisans in developing countries while promoting the end of single-use plastic bags. Fawn Organics also offers a beautiful, unique selection of pottery and jewelry that is 100% sustainable and artisan-crafted.

Buying eco-friendly products offers a whole host of benefits to the environment, such as saving natural resources for future generations, reducing harmful landfill waste, improving local and international communities’ living and working conditions by creating a demand for fairly traded goods, and growing the green economy by creating a market for sustainable goods. Whether we as consumers know it or not, our purchases have long-lasting environmental impacts. Making deliberate ethical decisions to purchase natural, fairly traded, and recyclable products helps the Earth and our fellow humans thrive.

Buying eco-friendly products also means not being exposed to harsh, even toxic, chemicals found in today’s cheaply produced goods. When purchasing household products for your family, this is inevitably a major concern. Fawn Organics knows everyone wants the best for their family. That’s why it offers borax-free laundry detergent, non-toxic dish soap, 100% natural body bars and body powders, and vegan lip balm to unite these dual desires for products that are safe for one’s family but are also eco-friendly.

Herbal Healers is a Pennsylvania-based CBD retailer committed to offering high quality, lab-tested products to its customers. Herbal Healers’ 100% organically grown plants produce a rich, highly-concentrated strain of CBD that is used in its tinctures, soft gels, dog chews, topical balms, and face serums. From its founding, it has been Herbal Healers’ mission to prioritize the education of its consumers and to ensure they have access to the information needed throughout their CBD journey. In order to keep the consumer first and foremost, Herbal Healers turned to Sun Sign Designs to host and completely rebuild its website to create optimal customer experiences.

During the website redesign process, Sun Sign Designs strengthened Herbal Healers’ Search Engine Optimization so it ranked higher in searches, increased traffic and sales on its website, and boosted its return on investment. Sun Sign Designs then created new product and package designs that looked professional and appealing in order for Herbal Healers’ products to stand out in an already saturated CBD market. We know that product-based businesses like Herbal Healers must meet the aesthetic expectations of its audience in order to bring in new and returning customers. Sun Sign Designs affordably streamlines that process with the expert photography, digital design, and graphics needed to visually authenticate and add value to a business’s products.

Not only did Sun Sign Designs enhance Herbal Healers’ platform and online marketplace, but it also fortified Herbal Healers’ business model by providing the tools needed to establish an affiliate marketing system and a subscription-based service. Herbal Healers’ subscription service, The Healing Club, in which subscribers receive a variety of CBD products for a monthly fee, builds reliable recurring revenue online, generating long-term sustainability for Herbal Healers that one-time purchases of its products cannot.

Check out Herbal Healers’ new website and product design at, and let us know what you think!

This Pennsylvania-based supplier of premiere kitchenware ships thousands of innovative products to specialty retailers across North America. For over 40 years, Fox Run Brands has equipped these businesses with the kitchen tools needed to perform in the retail industry, and when it came time for Fox Run Brands to update its website to continue its remarkable customer experiences, it turned to Sun Sign Designs to cook up a new, dynamic blueprint.

Sun Sign Designs reinvigorated Fox Run Brands’ website, managing to successfully maintain the supplier’s desire for an imagistic aesthetic while implementing more user-friendly features for prospective clients, such as a new mobile view. Sun Sign Designs also improved the website’s security and ensured its ability to pass recent PHP updates. In the end, Sun Sign Designs consolidated 4,000 pages from the previous site to smoothly showcase Fox Run Brands’ variety of fun and functional products—which are now easy as pie to access and view.

Blue Rooster Web launches the newly revised JK Executive Strategies website. This Rochester New York based client has been growing for sometime and needed a new and fresh look to expand their services. Starting with retained executive search strategies, they have expanded into other professional recruiting services like professional search, contract strategies, human resource services, talent management, and non-for-profit strategies. Removing a lot of the pervious extra copy, we streamlined the pages down to a more minimalist view, featuring a value proposition for each service they provide.

They most recently added a new section to their site called Resume Builder. This new service helps job seekers create and present a resumé that can land them their next job.

Please check them out at and let us know what you think.

Blue Rooster Web: Reducing Your Time While Increasing Your Bottom Line

Time is money. It’s the most valuable non-tangible asset we’re given. It can’t be bought or sold but it can be used and spent. It allows us to watch our kids grow up, our businesses expand, and our finances increase – if we use it wisely.

As business owners, we understand the importance of time. Putting in the time on one thing usually means sacrificing it on another. This is a major issue for most businesses, which must account for company promotion and prospecting.

Though we know that marketing is important, according to a Capital One Spark Business survey, 76 percent of small business owners report facing marketing challenges, while 39 percent say that they have not executed any marketing initiatives in the last six months. Contributing to that difficulty: The failure to outsource.

A 2016 study by Deloitte found that enabling core business functions and cutting cost are the primary drivers to outsourcing. Outsourcing can even save you 60 percent on overhead costs and increase company productivity and competitiveness 10- to 100- fold. In other words, you may be great at what you do, but if you’re forced to spend a lot of time on marketing instead, it often becomes difficult to grow. On the flip side, if you don’t do any marketing it also becomes difficult to grow.

This conundrum spurred on our mission to eliminate the burden of spending time on your marketing when it could be better spent elsewhere. And thus Blue Rooster Web was born. We serve as your marketing team so that you can take care of what you do best: your business.

Blue Rooster is a digital marketing and web design company, taking the guesswork – and the wasted hours – out of your day. We understand the most valuable aspects of online marketing and have combined them together to create an affordable, monthly subscription service built specifically to meet your needs. From our website designers and programmers, to our content writers and marketers, our team takes pride in our work, which is custom created for each client. When compared to other subscription-marketing companies, Blue Rooster Web offers services with the following beneficial differentiators.

1. Affordability

Providing the best quality for the most affordable prices, Blue Rooster can make your life and your marketing easy to manage. While most quality work is commonly available a la carte for companies with substantial budgets, for less than $100 per month we provide numerous services within a single package. These services include:

  • Domain Name and SSL Certificate
  • Website Hosting
  • Custom Website Design
  • Content Management System
  • Content Writing / Content Management
  • E-commerce Solution
  • Monthly Edits
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Dedicated Marketing and Support Team
  • Monthly Reporting

2. Flexibility

Aside from affordability, one of the most difficult aspects of contracting with vendors and outsourcing work is the idea of entering into an agreement that you become unhappy about, or about which you change your mind. However, with a month-to-month contract, Blue Rooster allows you seamless service without the long-term commitment. We’re convinced that our results are strong enough to keep our clients coming back month after month.

3. High Quality

The biggest way in which Blue Rooster Web is unlike most other subscription digital marketing companies is the pride we take in the quality of our work. Though many companies seemingly of the same or similar nature may cost the same, Blue Rooster Web stands out for its custom, high quality work and attention to detail. We don’t believe in website templates, or slapping up generic content. We take the necessary time to build our websites and content solely from each company’s brand messaging goals and overall objectives in order to create one cohesive identity.

In 2017, almost half (46.8 percent) of the global population used the Internet. According to Live Internet Stats, in 2019 there are 72,762 searches per second, and business listings with a website receive 25 to 35 percent more clicks. These are just a few of the many statistics demonstrating the great importance of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With the big impact that SEO makes on each and every website, we make certain that your SEO is garnering your site the attention it deserves.

In addition to the SEO that our website programmers incorporate into each site, our specially written, original, and unique content, crafted by experienced copywriters, helps to give your SEO – and your brand awareness – a bigger boost. Adding on regular blogging services also improves the visibility of your site.

Whoever Said “No Risk, No Reward” Never Used Blue Rooster Web

Are you failing to obtain a constant stream of new business from your website? Is your brand recognition and reputation stagnant? Do you hate the idea of being stuck in a long contract?

If your company is in need of a quality website and strong digital marketing presence, let Blue Rooster worry about the details. If you are interested in improving your company through a new website, website rewrite, or blog articles Blue Rooster has it covered. For more information about how we can make a positive impact on your business and its revenue, contact us today! Instead, get back to the business of your business. Isn’t it about time?

Blue Rooster Web has just added the launch of another new and exciting website to its ever growing portfolio. A Never Ending Basket, a company making thoughtful, one-of-a-kind gift baskets, now has an online presence that showcases its beautiful work.

The stars of A Never Ending Basket are the handcrafted and compiled baskets themselves. That’s why it was so important to show plenty of examples of previous work on the site, including a large rotating slider of pictures on the homepage.

With an option for fully customizing your own basket, the website has been built with a page on which it features fields to fill out and explain everything from the date it is to be delivered, to the occasion for the basket, to the favorite colors and hobbies of the recipient.

At the top right of the header, the visitor can click on a link titled “Our Baskets,” to see a whole variety of previous themes with pictures. From baskets as thoughtful as a Spa theme, to a Grilling theme for dad, a Welcome basket for new employees, or a Surgery Survival Kit, the site shows that these baskets can be designed for any and every occasion.

With a blue and white color palate, the site exudes feelings of calm and serenity, and ties into the company’s focus on gratitude. The idea of gratitude can be seen throughout the website, with mention of it on multiple pages. This serves to emphasize what the company’s owner believes to be the importance of sending someone a basket. Each sent with a handwritten note, no matter the occasion, the individual gifted it will feel your gratitude for having them in your life.

With well though-out Search Engine Optimization (SEO) content that also expresses the true message of the brand, not only will the site realize an increase in exposure, but also the company will be properly represented when seen.

With its simplistic text, easy-to-understand verbiage, and beautiful, color photos, A Never Ending Basket’s website is one that makes both its company and ours quite happy.

To learn more about A Never Ending Basket and how you can show your gratitude to someone, visit the website or email

To learn more about Blue Rooster Web and the services that we offer, visit us online or email sales@sunsigndesigns.comtoday!

Blue Rooster Web is SEW proud to launch the new Seeds To Sew International Website. Here is the break down!

Seeds to Sew International, Inc. is a US-based, 501(c)3, non-profit organization with the mission of improving the lives of women and girls in disadvantaged communities through education and job skills training. Their goal is for the women and girls in their programs to use these job skills to earn money and to support themselves and their communities.

By purchasing products on their website, you directly support the artisans who made them. Whether you are buying our design-patented Enkiteng bags (cloth gift wrapping bags), Enkisoma jewelry (Maasai beaded jewelry), Githomo gifts (handicrafts made out of banana tree bark and other natural materials), Kiondos (baskets made out of recycled plastic), or one of our featured pop-up items, your purchase directly contributes to their mission of empowering women and girls in impoverished areas of the world.

Check out their site and our website development work at