Affordable Website Design
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Blue Rooster Web Gets A New Logo

Blue Rooster Web just got a logo refresh. Blue Rooster Web is an affordable website design, hosting and digital marketing package that allows any business of any size to have a custom website designed and programmed for the fraction of the…

What The CLUCK!

What the CLUCK!! Custom Website Design, Website Hosting, and SEO for $97.99 per month! No contract!
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Affordable Website Design and Digital Marketing

    Blue Rooster Web (TM) was created with small businesses in mind. We understand that a website can be an expensive investment. We also appreciate that most business owners don't have the time or acumen to build a website…

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Online Marketers

Siri, Cortana… Assistant? At their annual I/O meeting this past week, Google entered the fray of AI Assistant software, a feature long offered by Apple with Siri and more recently by Microsoft with Cortana. By simply calling its service…
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It’s All Semantics: How Latent Semantic Indexing is Changing Google Search and SEO

We here at Sun Sign Designs have lately focused on general topics and techniques to assist your company’s marketing. The reason for this is that it is essential that you have an understanding of how the fundamental concepts work together before…
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The Nuts and Bolts: Code Implementation in Mobile SEO Performance

Whether you are starting a website from scratch or revising previous design situations, the way code is implemented on your website can have a big impact on the performance of your site on mobile devices. The words “code implementation”…
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Making the Grade: Google’s Quality Content Rating

What if we asked you to grade your website? Would you give it an A out of beaming pride, a B as an acknowledgement of a future business project, or maybe a C with a shrug and a smirk, silently saying to yourself, “who cares?” Well, none…
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Mobile Marketing and SEO: Increase the Eye-Hand Device Coordination of Your Customers

  As mobile devices increasingly become a part of our daily lives and routines, smart marketers know that the fastest growing way to reach consumers will be through their phones. Is your online strategy suited to connect with consumers…

How Google’s New Rules Will Change the Way You Manage Your Content

  One of the realities of managing an online web presence is that the factors that contribute to your overall strategy will always be changing. Seemingly minute adjustments to Google’s algorithm can send your once popular website…
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Video Marketing Will Continue to Grow in Importance in 2016

Online video is set to remain a powerful media phenomenon going into 2016, and many companies are contributing to the trend. According to AOL research, advertising budgets are shifting away from TV toward digital platforms. This trend is in…