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Sun Sign Designs Enters the World of CBD Advertising

When I met Fawn Organics I immediately fell in love the with products they were selling. THC-Free CBD products that had a major health benefit. I also was up for the challenge of marketing CBD products. Cathi was awesome and shared many documents about CBD advertising and I was amazed. Not at the lack of knowledge we had, but how the rules of marketing this type of product aligned with how we do marketing.

Brilliantly phycological marketing that did not mention CBD at all. Yeah CBD is a dirty word. We had to do marketing that appealed to the senses in the subtle way. Anyone who has works with us has heard me talk about how the website is the center of the wagon wheel and the digital marketing are the spokes of that wheel. The website can use whatever vernacular clearly defines the products, however, it cannot mention that CBD products provide health benefits. We know they do and so does the FDA 😉  The external advertising cannot mention CBD at all. Facebook who plays both sides of the aisle on this one, states they will ban the use of the word CDB. However, I have noted in my visual research that they “allowed” bigger players to use the word CBD in their context. Other social media channels, email marketing, and some SEO will not allow the word CBD to be used. We did a keyword check on Google for paid advertising for the keyword CBD… non existent. Bottom line is that you can not be bold and literal with this type of product line.

Phycological marketing is our favorite. So game on.

We like to introduce our newest website to our portfolio of work, Fawn Organics. Please shop local while we all #flattenthecurve and give Fawn Organics the opportunity to exceed your expectations. https://fawnorganics.com . As always, drop us a line, comment on our website and feel free to ask us any questions.


Dirty Words

How Everyday Business Terminology Can Get Flagged by SPAM Filters

I recently had a conversation with a client about how the use of his business name in the subject line of his email was getting picked up by SPAM filters when he sends out his monthly newsletter. Why had the word “financial” become a dirty word? If you are like me you get 50 calls a day about expansion capital. Not only do I get calls, I also receive unwarranted texts and emails with regards to this same topic. If you get enough people complaining and marking these emails as SPAM, then certain words get targeted going forward.

So where is the line between legitimate businesses and SPAM? In many cases that line has disappeared.

Lets add another variable to this equation. Content. A lot of companies use their newsletter as archives on their website to help broaden their website’s footprint and help improve their rank on the search engines. You’ve probably heard a lot about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how using certain keywords can raise your website’s visibility. But what you may not have heard is that the word choice in your content not only has the power to allow more people to see you, but when it comes to emails, it can influence whether you can be seen at all.

While certain keywords can help to improve your online ranking, certain words can also trigger the SPAM filter. You may have stellar content that properly represents your brand and gets your messaging across in an easily understood manner, but if your email includes certain words, it won’t matter how great your content is – it simply won’t be seen. But why is that? It may just end up in your SPAM filter.

Trigger Words

There are actually hundreds of common words and phrases that most SPAM filters will pick up on. These are known as “trigger” words. Though this list of words and phrases is continuously changing, here are just a few examples – you may be surprised.

• #1
• 100%
• Affordable
• Cancel
• Buy
• Click Here
• Credit Card
• Deal

It is not easy to predict all of the words that will trigger SPAM filters, however there are many online resources that you can use to check to see if a word has been listed as a common SPAM word.

Here are a few best practices that can be used to avoid the dreaded SPAM filter:

• Use more than one word in subject lines
• Double check spelling
• Do not include exclamation points!

Sun Sign Designs Can Help!

If you want to learn more about trigger words, email marketing, SEO, and other methods for improving company visibility, Sun Sign Designs, Inc can help. To learn more about Sun Sign Designs and the services that we offer, visit us online or email sales@sunsigndesigns.com today!

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Maria Ricciardi may possibly be one of the most amazing and interesting people I have ever met in my life. Introduced by an old college friend and now her husband, I met Maria for the first time in Chicago on a cold and blistery day in late January. Maria has been the reason for the season ever since that moment, through her travel photography, I have experienced so many amazing things. The stories she can tell with just a picture let alone the words that can go along are captivating in its self. The relationships she builds in-person, with people, and with her photography bring life to the human condition and pose a different perceptive on the world.

Maria IS her website. She does live authentically, bravely and with lots of gumption. This portal into her travels and life, I could never do it justice, however, I can let her speak for herself.

“I am Maria Ricciardi and I am a traveler, writer, and photographer.  I started adding my journal entries to the photos I take to share my adventures and experiences one photo at a time.  At the end of the day, you will be able to walk the same path I did through my visual storytelling. I love to travel and experience new things, meet new people and photograph the world.  Supporting local economies, conservation of wildlife and environmental sustainability are incredibly important to me, and what I am conscious of as I explore. I hope to enhance your experience of travel through the trials and errors of mine, and take you on a journey of visual wanderlust.  My goal is to live authentically, bravely and with gumption…with my camera in hand.  Would you like to join me on one of my photographic adventures?” -Maria Ricciardi

Please check out Maria’s website at https://mariaseestheworld.com/ Drop her a line and tell her what you think. Also, come back often to her site and checkout her photo updates and awesome new worldwide adventures.


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Home is where the heart is, the launch of Calculating Destiny, a reimagined brand.

When she came to me with the original idea, I thought she was crazy. Financial services paired with the idea of home. Calculating Destiny is a professional  services and accounting company, dedicated to the tag line (which we created for them); “Strategic solutions that revolve around numbers allow you to exactly calculate your growth model through creative marketing, compliance, and metrics. Our partnership with you is designed to help direct your books, to turn ideas into profits.” How could this be about home?

Home is where the heart is. It is where we begin our day and end our day. In between, we think about home; our partner, our children, our pets and the spaces that surround them. In between the love of home, is the right to protect, nourish and grow it. This is where the financial part comes in. The numbers are what help build these memories, the structures, and the family. As business owners/leaders, our drive to create comes from our businesses, and what our business produces. Although it was crazy, the marriage of these two idea’s is genius.

Lets remove the sterile environment of company, corporate, partnership of firms, and lets come home.

Sun Sign Designs Inc, and Blue Rooster Web proudly announce the launch of Calculating Destiny’s new website. https://calculatingdestiny.com

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Blue Rooster Web Launches JK Executive Services

Located in Rochester New York, JK Executive services provides professional services in recruiting, staffing, and executive search. The site functions as a job search engine for the local Rochester, Buffalo and the state of New York. The state of New York has approximately 450,000 business with 100 or less employees and the city of Rochester has approximately 70,000 in total employment.

JK Executive Services connects leaders, strengthen culture and deliver results. Their initiatives are founded upon custom solutions, a conscientious approach and confidentiality at all times.

Please check out their site and our work at jkexec.com.

Affordable Website Design

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Blue Rooster Web Gets A New Logo

Affordable Website Design

Blue Rooster Web just got a logo refresh. Blue Rooster Web is an affordable website design, hosting and digital marketing package that allows any business of any size to have a custom website designed and programmed for the fraction of the cost of traditional digital services. ($97.99 per month) Take a look at our packages at www.blueroosterweb.com and/or share with a friend.

Want to make some extra cash? We also offer affiliate programs for reselling BRW. Contact Us today!




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Affordable Website Design and Digital Marketing

Tampa Digital Marketing



Blue Rooster Web (TM) was created with small businesses in mind. We understand that a website can be an expensive investment. We also appreciate that most business owners don’t have the time or acumen to build a website on their own, even if they’re using an online website building program that is Free.

Sun Sign Designs, Digital Marketing, has created The Blue Rooster Web program to make websites affordable to small business owners which allows them to get a customized website for the fraction of the cost of a traditional design website.

For $47.99 a month Blue Rooster Web will consult with you to understand the nuances of your business, your objectives and goals. We will research your competition and position you in the market place to set you up for success. We will build you your own website that you can manage or if so desired we can manage it for you with no additional costs. Your website will be securely hosted our hosting facility as well as providing you email accounts with plenty of space to do your day-to-day business.

As for marketing your business, we will provide monthly Search Engine Optimization and set up your Local Directory Listings. As a value add, we will consult and advise you on best practices, as well as, provide you monthly reports on how you are performing.

Best of all there is NO Contract and NO Risk.  You can cancel your Blue Rooster Web monthly subscription at any time.

To learn more about Blue Rooster Web visit our website, or to get started right now click subscribe below.



By clicking subscribe you will be redirected to PayPal. At the end of your transaction you will be redirected back to Blue Rooster Web. You will be then be called by a marketing specialist to start your project.

What Artificial Intelligence Means for Online Marketers


Siri, Cortana… Assistant? At their annual I/O meeting this past week, Google entered the fray of AI Assistant software, a feature long offered by Apple with Siri and more recently by Microsoft with Cortana. By simply calling its service Assistant, Google may be pointing to an unspoken fact that a lot of tech bloggers have already noticed: they aren’t re-inventing the wheel here. Much like its competitors, Google Assistant uses voice recognition technology to have a conversation with its user, making everyday tasks even simpler, and allowing the Assistant to be the point of contact for the user with the internet. And this is the key takeaway for online marketers, especially given the fact that the largest search giant is in the mix: for your business and its website to reach consumers, you’re now going to have to also appeal to their robot assistants.

This isn’t meant to sound as intimidating – in fact, there are some advantages to working with machines. “Robots, unlike people, are consistent” writes Eden Ames. Once you’ve cracked the code for appealing to a particular artificial intelligence program, you won’t have to worry about mood swings or a random change in preference from the AI. And in many ways marketers are already familiar with working with robots from having to make content that appeals to Google’s algorithms, which have the technical complexity and built-in intelligence to put Space Odyssey’s Hal 9000 to shame. All of this is good news, as it means that much of the content that already works with Google will of course work with Google Assistant as well.

If anything it seems that the current hype around artificial intelligence these days is coming from the very fact that it’s been labeled as artificial intelligence, with all its loaded connotations. Instead of man-hunting robots, though, we’re getting helpful and practical voice recognition technology, which naturally is coming as a letdown to the more whimsical members of the tech community. In addition to this seemingly incremental progress is the fact that once again consumers are turning to their phones to buy things and get tasks done. The trend in artificial intelligence further cements the worldwide shift towards mobile usage. This also means that even if Siri or Google Assistant links to your site from a request by the user, it still has to be appealing in the mobile setting for the person to want to stay there. Working with machines will only get you so far—the person still holds the wallet.

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It’s All Semantics: How Latent Semantic Indexing is Changing Google Search and SEO

We here at Sun Sign Designs have lately focused on general topics and techniques to assist your company’s marketing. The reason for this is that it is essential that you have an understanding of how the fundamental concepts work together before delving into the more technical aspects of web presence. Today we’re focusing on one of those technical pieces: Latent Semantic Indexing, or LSI. This feature of Google’s search functionality ties directly in with one of our previous content topics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and it is critical to understand how LSI affects SEO in order to fully maximize your company’s online offering.

One of the simplest ways to describe LSI is to point out what it’s not, or to be more specific, what it’s replacing. For many non-marketing professionals, SEO is synonymous with Keyword Density, the easily exploitable system where the number of times a certain word is mentioned on your website will affect the location of your webpage rank in search results. While this may have been effective back in the early days of Google’s world-conquering search algorithm, using keyword density is no longer a viable option, as Google has phased out its use due to its contribution to inaccuracy for results.

LSI is the system that takes Keyword Density’s place. It groups words together into semantic systems, letting Google know when the related words on a website speak to a specific search. It’s best to show in examples: say you’re searching for Rolling Stones. Google knows that “Rolling” and “Stones” combines together to form the band name, and will avoid giving you results of rocks rolling down hills, even if that happened to be randomly trending at the moment. If you’re searching for an Oracle Developer, Google will know that you are searching for someone developing an Oracle database and not landscapers for ancient Greek monuments.

LSI does the heavy lifting for a user’s searches, connecting the informational dots, allowing Google to give more pertinent results for its visitors. So how can you capitalize on this new system? Content, as usual, is king here. Having high value content in every corner of your website will allow you to stand out among the crowd so that Google can use its LSI to your advantage. You look at your website and see well-made content—Google will see it as the brightest Christmas tree on the block when all the semantically related content relates with each other, catapulting your site above the rest to the top of users’ searches.

That last description doesn’t have to be an exaggeration for you—it can be a reality! Google prides itself on finding high value content, so it’s a triple win for Google, its users and your company if you have that kind of content on display for its search to find. Reach out to Sun Sign Designs today so we can give you all the technical knowhow of how LSI can help your business come out on top!