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Home is where the heart is, the launch of Calculating Destiny, a reimagined brand.

When she came to me with the original idea, I thought she was crazy. Financial services paired with the idea of home. Calculating Destiny is a professional  services and accounting company, dedicated to the tag line (which we created for them); “Strategic solutions that revolve around numbers allow you to exactly calculate your growth model through creative marketing, compliance, and metrics. Our partnership with you is designed to help direct your books, to turn ideas into profits.” How could this be about home?

Home is where the heart is. It is where we begin our day and end our day. In between, we think about home; our partner, our children, our pets and the spaces that surround them. In between the love of home, is the right to protect, nourish and grow it. This is where the financial part comes in. The numbers are what help build these memories, the structures, and the family. As business owners/leaders, our drive to create comes from our businesses, and what our business produces. Although it was crazy, the marriage of these two idea’s is genius.

Lets remove the sterile environment of company, corporate, partnership of firms, and lets come home.

Sun Sign Designs Inc, and Blue Rooster Web proudly announce the launch of Calculating Destiny’s new website. https://calculatingdestiny.com

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Blue Rooster Web Launches JK Executive Services

Located in Rochester New York, JK Executive services provides professional services in recruiting, staffing, and executive search. The site functions as a job search engine for the local Rochester, Buffalo and the state of New York. The state of New York has approximately 450,000 business with 100 or less employees and the city of Rochester has approximately 70,000 in total employment.

JK Executive Services connects leaders, strengthen culture and deliver results. Their initiatives are founded upon custom solutions, a conscientious approach and confidentiality at all times.

Please check out their site and our work at jkexec.com.

Affordable Website Design

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Launches Tabanero Cigars

Sun Sign Designs Inc, Digital Marketing Tampa Fl., is proud to offically launch the Tabaneros Cigars’ new website and mobile site. We were contracted to design a mobile platform to handle Tabanero’s cigar inventory in an innovative way. The mobile site features a vertical and horizontal product slide display and an one touch product purchase system. Tabanero vision was to present an experience to the cigar smoker life style. Their product photography needed a way to show case the cigar lifestyle, Cuban hand man cigar craftsmanship, and extraordinary packaging. With that said, the entire site was designed around the cigar lifestyle and the expectations of the cigar smoker. To stream line the buying process, a one touch purchase system was built to allow a customer to choose their favorite cigar and proceed to check out. Returning customers would be sent directly to payment processing with out the need to fill in a form.

The site integrates current marketing intelligence and dovetailed consumer remarking to the Tabanero brand. All of this with the intentions to build a market place for other product vendors fitting into the cigar lifestyle paradigm.

Please check out Tabanero Cigars website http://tabanerocigars.com.c1.previewmysite.com both on desktop and on Smart Phone.

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Blue Rooster Pairs Up With The Dirt Road Project

Blue Rooster Web has paired up with The Dirt Road Project to Help Build Communities of Hope by donating 5% of our monthly on going revenue. That means each time you purchase a Blue Rooster Web plan you are providing $58.80 yearly to a child who is in need in the United States or in Haiti.

Go to www.blueroosterweb.com and sign up today to help grow your business and provide for someone who is in need at the same time.

The Dirt Road Project inspires courageous living through empowering under-served communities with hope, passion, and purpose; leads in love and reaches the broken with respect and integrity; values all human life, particularly society’s most vulnerable; and seeks to develop diversity through meaningful enterprise by embracing all peoples.

To learn more about The Dirt Road Project and how they serve people who are in need, go to www.thedirtroadproject.org

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Sun Sign Designs Launches Dentist Savings Website

Sun Sign Designs Digital Marketing Tampa Fl is proud to announce the official launch of DentistSavings.com website and the digital marketing campaign associated with the brand. Dentist Savings is a dental discount product program that compliments and/or replaces dental insurance. The website is an SAAS system that allows you to choose the type of carrier, purchase a plan, and instantly receive benefit cards without waiting. The system also allows you to search virtually every dentist in the United States to see if they take a specific carriers benefit plan package.

Sun Sign Designs role started with inheriting a previous programmers work and bringing the system to the goal line. With the launch of this site, SSD was then contracted to do all of digital and print marketing and advertising for the brand. We are ecstatic to have this opportunity. Please check out the site online at DentistSavings.com

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Sun Sign Designs Digital Marketing Launches Kerr Financial’s Website

Sun Sign Designs Digital Marketing Tampa proudly announces the launch of Kerr Financial’s website. Kerr Financial is a financial planning and advisement firm in Up State NY. The firm contracted us to solve three major challenges.

1 Their site did not efficiently display or manage their newsletter content.

2 The site did not use the newsletter content to help with onsite content marketing.

3 The lack of content marketing effected on site creditably and SEO.

The solution to these challenges was to upgrade the website to a CMS system that was easily managed.  We internalized the newsletter system into the website, centralizing the content and broadening the foot print of the website. By increasing the foot print of the website, we allowed search engines to see more relevant content on a regular basis. This increased search traffic and improved conversion rates. With regards to content marketing, the newsletter content was so well written by the client that pair with the above solution, the perception of creditably and capability were elevated a new value on trust. This was also achieved by the new graphical content and messaging.

You can see our work below and also encourage you to visit www.kerrfinancial.com to see for yourself.


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Affordable Website Design and Digital Marketing

Tampa Digital Marketing



Blue Rooster Web (TM) was created with small businesses in mind. We understand that a website can be an expensive investment. We also appreciate that most business owners don’t have the time or acumen to build a website on their own, even if they’re using an online website building program that is Free.

Sun Sign Designs, Digital Marketing, has created The Blue Rooster Web program to make websites affordable to small business owners which allows them to get a customized website for the fraction of the cost of a traditional design website.

For $47.99 a month Blue Rooster Web will consult with you to understand the nuances of your business, your objectives and goals. We will research your competition and position you in the market place to set you up for success. We will build you your own website that you can manage or if so desired we can manage it for you with no additional costs. Your website will be securely hosted our hosting facility as well as providing you email accounts with plenty of space to do your day-to-day business.

As for marketing your business, we will provide monthly Search Engine Optimization and set up your Local Directory Listings. As a value add, we will consult and advise you on best practices, as well as, provide you monthly reports on how you are performing.

Best of all there is NO Contract and NO Risk.  You can cancel your Blue Rooster Web monthly subscription at any time.

To learn more about Blue Rooster Web visit our website, or to get started right now click subscribe below.



By clicking subscribe you will be redirected to PayPal. At the end of your transaction you will be redirected back to Blue Rooster Web. You will be then be called by a marketing specialist to start your project.
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Launches Tim Duffek Contracting



Sun Sign Designs, Inc. is proud to launch the Tim Duffek Contracting website. This site was an update from a previous site. The major goal was to show the quality of work that this construction company brings to the New York state area and also allows them to compete with other larger companies. Please check out their site at www.timduffekcontracting.com

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Blue Rooster Web Launches Brakes Plus Auto Service




Blue Rooster Web, a product of Sun Sign Designs Inc, is proud to launch Brakes Plus Automotive Service Center’s website. This small automotive shop, located in Philadelphia Pa, needed a web presence to help generate more traffic to their shop in a super saturated auto market. Their biggest challenge was that their name insinuated that they only did brakes. With some minor tweaks to their image and a new tag line, we helped them illustrate that they did much more. Please check out their new site at http://www.brakesplusautoservice.com