Browser Testing - IE6

I was working with a client (who I will not name) that had complained about his site looking discombobulated when viewing it in his browser. He claimed he was using IE7. After many attempts to fix his problem. We decided to install a legacy browser block up to and including IE6

No Paper

If anyone would ask me if I liked paper I would tell them no. I hate paper. It requires more effort to file and Is easily lost. I have strived my entire life to minimize the use of this product. As a developer I find that it is easier to communicate…

Preplanning is Essential

I am proud to announce our new website has finally gone live. It has been a long time coming to get to this point. I can speak for the entire team that this new system will change how we proceed forward with our business.

Proper New Website Deployment Over an Existing Website

After spending months at a time designing, coding and preparing your new website for launch, many Information Technology and Website Development Firms still forget to check on the fundamentals of why a website exists. Driving traffic to your…