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Brand Persona

Building a Brand Persona with Analytics & Segmentation

Just like every person has a personality, so does every business. An individual’s personality naturally influences how others will view them and interact with them. Your brand’s personality has the same impact on your audience. Believe…
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How Well Do You Really Know Your Audience?

Do you actually know your audience? Your first reaction may be to say, of course! But pause for a moment. Do you know exactly what to say in your marketing? If you don’t know the messaging that sparks conversions, then you may not…
Demographic Segmentation

Looking for Valuable Insights? Demographics Yield Major Marketing Benefits

Anything that can help your business better understand your audience is a good thing. If you don’t know who your target customers are, then you definitely don’t know their wants and needs—and if your business doesn’t know your customers’…
Marketing Analytics
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Data Analytics is Key for Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Your business’s digital marketing decisions need to be backed by data. Otherwise, without objective analytics, your business risks throwing your time and marketing budget into strategies that don’t give you the desired results. What is…
Personalized Email Marketing

The Do’s and Don’ts of Personalized Email Marketing

We all understand the power of personalization. Receiving emails tailored to our interests makes us feel seen and understood. These personal touches create authentic, lasting connections. With personalization, people will open, read, and…
Personalized Email Marketing

Email Personalization Practices that Get Results

How does personalization factor into email marketing? Well, today, personalization is much more than using your customers’ first name in emails. Email personalization is a marketing strategy that uses email subscribers’ data to make communications…