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Brand Personality

The 5 Types of Brand Personality—Which Ones Fit Your Business?

Just like every person has a personality, so does every business. An individual’s personality naturally influences how others will view them and interact with them. Your brand’s personality has the same impact on your audience—it directly…
Data Storytelling

Tell a Compelling Story with Your Data

What is Data Storytelling? Telling a story with numbers? It may sound strange, but your data insights can inspire a marketing narrative that touches your audience and motivates them to act. Data storytelling is a way to effectively communicate…
Data Collection

The Types of Data Every Business Should Collect

Data-driven marketing is continuing to grow—and for good reason. It has allowed businesses to build personalized marketing strategies, create better customer experiences, generate relevant leads, and retain loyal customers based on strong…
Customer Data

Are You Leveraging Data for Stronger Customer Relationships?

More and more businesses today are becoming customer-centric or client-centric, which means, at the core of every business strategy, there is a heavy emphasis on customer satisfaction and fulfillment. Why? Because at the end of the day, a business’s…
Content Creation

Why Your Content Strategy Needs Consistency

By now, most businesses understand that content creation is integral to the success of any digital marketing strategy they deploy. Everyone has heard the famous phrase, “Content is king.” The saying is perhaps a tad overused now in marketing…
Digital Buyer

Key Insights into the New Digital Buyer

Marketing and sales are constantly evolving. But they have evolved even more rapidly in the last decade as everything has increasingly moved to a digital space. Today’s digital buyers are not like traditional customers focused on price or…