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Mosted Used Web Browsers

Lets keep this short and sweet. We all know the internet explorer over all is a real pain in the butt to use and to develop website for. In face I do not know too many people who like the browser or have not had a major complaint about it. Well…

Linked In

We just joined the Linked In network. Please check it out.

Link Building Tips & Strategies

A few ground rules: Any links you get need to be from pages that are already indexed. Links from non-indexed pages will not help your PageRank. This is per search engine. Links from highly ranked pages are worth more than links from poorly…

The PageRank(PR) Algorithm

The PageRank(PR) Algorithm A typical SEO strategy begins with basic tags, titles, and descriptions. You optimize your tags and fill your pages with juicy content and then submit your site to the search engines. Before long you see they have…

What is the difference between Google, Yahoo, and MSN? How do I rank well for all three?

When it comes to SEO, each of the top three search engines are indeed different and use different algorithms to rank your pages. Many site owners will tell you that their site ranks well on one engine, and very poorly (or not at all) on another.…

Singulars vs Plurals

Should you include both singulars and plurals in your keyword selection process? The quick answer is yes. It would be ideal to say that your pages are optimized for both the singular and the plural forms of certain keywords, assuming your visitors…