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Importance of a SEO Transition Plan

Many business do not realize that their existing websites holds a level of value. Value in this context is any traffic brought to the site via a search engine that converts to sales. Truth be known, even a one page website holds a level of value…

Launches Kaatirondack Benefit Planning

KBPI brings decades of experience in benefit consulting and the appropriate placement and maintenance of all forms of employee benefits plan offerings in the New York State marketplace. As health plans in particular continue to consume a…

A Night For Japan

This Thursday, March 31st, please join Hidy Ochiai, along with Richard Matushima, for"A Night for Japan". Catered by Kampai Japanese Steakhouse. All donations and proceeds will directly benefit those affected by the tragic earthquake and…

Mosted Used Web Browsers

Lets keep this short and sweet. We all know the internet explorer over all is a real pain in the butt to use and to develop website for. In face I do not know too many people who like the browser or have not had a major complaint about it. Well…

Linked In

We just joined the Linked In network. Please check it out.

Link Building Tips & Strategies

A few ground rules: Any links you get need to be from pages that are already indexed. Links from non-indexed pages will not help your PageRank. This is per search engine. Links from highly ranked pages are worth more than links from poorly…