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Fire Fox the best web browser on the planet.

I do not need to go on and on about this one. Fire Fox is the best browser on the planet. From a coder's point of view we deal with a lot less errors, code patches and plan and simple bull... you get my point. Furthermore, you do not have to…

Free AntiVirus Software

I was at a client's office this week installing a new computer and I ran across this little program. AVG FREE Antivirus is a good solution if you have a limited budget and can not afford Norton. According to the client they have never gotten…

No Paper

If anyone would ask me if I liked paper I would tell them no. I hate paper. It requires more effort to file and Is easily lost. I have strived my entire life to minimize the use of this product. As a developer I find that it is easier to communicate…

Preplanning is Essential

I am proud to announce our new website has finally gone live. It has been a long time coming to get to this point. I can speak for the entire team that this new system will change how we proceed forward with our business.