Optimizing Images

SEO your images. Yes, you can optimize your images for image search. Having images from your site place well in an image search can bring quality traffic to your site. While it is true that search engine spiders cannot read the content of images, such as embedded text, they can read the code used to place them there. And they do use “imageBots” which crawl the index searching for images to include in its image search results. It’s important to know that when an imageBot looks for images, it looks for the same sorts of things that the usual search engine spiders look for: keywords in prominent positions (within the image tag and elsewhere).

Only images from cached web pages can be included in Google’s image search, and pictures that are by themselves irrelevant to your site’s content (a scenic background, e.g.) will not bring the kind of traffic you want. But if a picture is worth a thousand words, then two pictures are worth two thousand words, and having several pictures of your products place high in an image search is worth money. Do not overlook this often overlooked opportunity to promote your product or service and bring tons of quality traffic to your site. The SEO team at Sun Sign Designs knows how to do this. Give us a call, and we’ll show you!

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